Shae Brock – All Good ft Kodie Shane (Official Music Video)

Shae Brock is bringing the heat once again with her latest single, “All Good”. The Los Angeles based singer, who is known for pop banger “You”, produced by multi-platinum hitmakers Da Internz & The A-Team, delivers a melodic sensation in her new single. Music has played a pivotal role in Brock’s life, as she has been singing since the young age of five years old. By age twelve, she furthered her skills through guitar playing and songwriting, which is something that makes her so versatile. Though it is quite rare to find in the industry, Brock’s innate talent shines through so effortlessly, which is something she has steadily invested in over time.

After connecting with esteemed music producer Blaze Crawford, she developed her overall sound that she is widely known for. Now that she has firmly planted herself in the industry, she has increasingly shared her music with her fanbase. The rising success has taken her all over the country, quite literally, as she recently wrapped up her tour with rapper Kodie Shane on the Zero Gravity Tour. “I’ve been writing and singing pretty much all my life, so it’s time to share my music,” said Brock. “My goal in music is to have someone feel something. I think music is magical, so I love to capture whatever essence I’m writing about and share it through that.” With performing her music with fans all over, Brock has captured the ears and hearts of so many with her genuine presence and artistry.

As the temperature in the air cools down, Brock delivers the fire with “All Good”. With lyrics “It’s all good, we can turn up the radio, Let it go”, the song brings forth a positive vibe with a irresistibly catchy beat. “It’s a super fun, carefree song. ‘All Good’ is something you turn on, roll the windows down and have a good time,” said the singer. The music video shines light on Brock’s favorite place in Los Angeles, which is Venice Beach, further capturing the “let your hair down” vibe. With a feature from Kodie Shane, “All Good” showcases the essence of artistic collaboration. “I love collaboration,” said Brock. “I think it’s cool to bring two different dynamics and put them together on a track.” Needless to say, the single is sure to be one of Brock’s best from her repertoire.

Shae Brock continues to stay busy with her show schedule, but still puts in the hours during her studio sessions. At the top of the new year, the star plans to release another instantaneously hit single titled “Transparency”. The song includes an exciting feature from Gucci Mane, and Brock can’t wait to release it. If the single is anything like her previous work, it will be sure to be a definite crowd pleaser.

Shae Brock

Kodie Shane

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