MCB – Florida (Official Video)

MCB (Marion County Boys) originated out of Ocala Florida. The group was formed between two high school students attending Lake Weir High, Gernon Tait and Jeremiah Kinsler. The newly formed group entered the High School Talent show. Jevaughn, another high school student who came up with the name Marion County Boys, became a third member of the group, however, shortly after the talent show Jevaughn left to join another group leaving the two original members. Gernon and Jeremiah were undaunted in their pursuit of a career within the Hip Hop Rap genre taking advantage of Gernon’s brother Brian’s studio to record their first track dedicated to their graduation “High Life Superstar”.
Gernon and Jeremiah added two members to the group Travis Vereen and Gary Munford and made their first official mixtape “Boys To Manhood” released on Datpiff in 2014. During the progression of that mixtape Travis Vereen, who appeared to show indifference toward the group’s goals, dropped out. The group progressed with the three remaining members, Gernon, Jeremiah, and Gary. MCB continued to perform at numerous showcases with their southern style Hip Hop mixed with R&B. Lately, MCB continues to strive with determination to make a big impact in the music industry via promotion and their music videos. G-HEROES Media Production Company collaborates to expose MCB’s music to a larger fanbase. Being fully aware and up for the challenge, MCB continues to produce their own diverse original Southern style of Hip Hop.

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