Indubious – See Sharp

Indubious, the highly acclaimed, billboard ranked, vibrational powerhouse, has released their first music video, “See Sharp” from the 2017 release “From Zero”. Their sound; an alchemical mix of visionary conscious vocalism and transformational dub-reggae rootstronica can be witnessed live this fall touring the west coast in California, Oregon, and Washington on the Beyond Time Tour.

“We call upon the tonal vibration of the Earth to bring us clarity, vision, and a broadened perspective. We humble ourselves to the power of the planet and ask for guidance through these trying times. As we gather in greater numbers as gentle shepherds of the Earth, and cultivate our birthright of inner magic, we heal our ancestral wounds and usher in a brand new way to See Sharp.”

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  • October 24, 2017


    this just gets better the more you listen

  • October 24, 2017


    AMAZING and Insanely talented !