QuantheMulatto – Entitled

Check out “Entitled” the latest single from the rising North Carolina artist QuantheMulatto.


QuantheMulatto first thought up “Entitled” as another song, called “That’s You!?” The idea came to QuantheMulatto from a common reaction people would have to his success. “That’s you?! A bad chick…that’s you?! A new house or car…that’s you!? Money…new job…anything nice….that’s you?! Almost like there’s no way you’re good enough to have what they see you having,” QuantheMulatto really liked the idea behind the song, but decided to wait on the song to perfect the flow. After his producer, Severtha6, showed him a hard hitting beat, QuantheMulatto felt inspired and couldn’t think of anything that fit the beat more than the incomplete song he wrote at the end of 2016.


Keeping the same basic thoughts, QuantheMulatto looked back to his notes for “That’s You!?” but this time with a different mentality. Rewriting it, this time the song came back to people who don’t want you to have anything, people who look and thrive off of failure, and people who get off on only hearing negative things. Thus, the single “Entitled” was born.


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