Ace Beretta – Morning Sex & Retrospect (Prod. Bad One)

“Morning Sex & Retrospect”

“Love, we done made it too far to go back down this road… If we could rewind time”
“Morning Sex & Retrospect” is a song that is made off of pure vibes! Just recently I released “The Numb Project” which received over 90k views! As much as I wanted to celebrate… My team and I were already working on ways we take this to the next level creatively and sonically! “Morning Sex & Retrospect” is one of my most important singles to date because I know as a 20-year-old artist if I had a push from a major label… I’m confident enough to say this would be my first platinum selling single!

Between flying my team out to LA, forcing myself out of a depression, and dealing with the girl I was dealing with at the time it would blow your mind if I told you the story of how this song came about! What I can say is after having a rough 9 hour studio session the day prior, I walked into the studio the next day and Bad One (my producer at the time) played me about 4 dope ass concepts and as soon as he played me this one I knew we had something special! I freestyle the melody to the hook and by the end of our session I knew we had a hit!

Approaching this record I wanted to welcome my fans to my flaws! As fun and uplifting “Morning Sex & Retrospect” may sound, there really is a deeper meaning to this single. Once people really start to take in what I say in the hook, I think you guys will catch that I’m not just talking about having sex! I actually am giving you insight of what it feels like to be a young artist exposed to a lot of temptations this industry offers and trying to balance out young love at the same time!

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  • June 16, 2017


    this is my joint

  • June 16, 2017


    really unique sound

  • June 17, 2017


    This is Lit