Renee Zawawi – Happy Hour Live

Renee Zawawi performing “Happy Hour” at Studio City Sound.

Renee Zawawi is “Happy Hour”! She is a petite American Beauty Queen, who has big brown “puppy dog” eyes and a smile that can light up any room. She is not just pretty; she is also smart, as evidenced by the brainy quotes that she is so quick to throw out, as well as the amazing music that she is able to produce.  Renee Zawawi, the New York Uptown Girl that was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Even though she was born in the USA, Renee has managed to leave an international mark. This is because she grew up traveling around the world.  Renee is a very unique and accomplished performing artist, having earned dual visual and performing arts college degrees.

renee_zawawi_happy_hourRenee studied art and literature at Arcadia University.  She also studied photography and film (motion picture development) at Brooks Institute and graduated in December 2015.  She performs at her “Photography Gallery” show and at local bars.  The music and imagery that Renee is able to produce is definitely appealing to the senses.  Through her artwork endeavors she was able to turn the 50’s and 60’s visual “Pop Art”, into performing art and present her first performing art videos in the early 2000’s during her first gallery show entitled:  “The Four Seasons Video Art.”  She has also self produced a 17-month Calendar and her original demo album lyrics, music and image: “Legends” which inspired the making of many other singers.

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  • September 29, 2016


    you were fantastic 🙂

  • September 29, 2016


    sounds great live!